Company Information

Domain Software, LLC. began in January 2001 as the craze over expired domains, on hold domains and soon to expire domains were slowly coming in. The company at first started as NSI Drop, LLC. with the intention to market it's compiled data to the general public. However, near the beginning of 2002 the company focus shifted and its name changed as well.

In April 2002, the company name was changed to Domain Software, LLC. and its overall focus in the domain name industry changed to offering consumers its proprietary domain name software. Our domain name software and products include an expired domain name database, on hold domain name database (RedemptionPeriod), soon to expire domain name database (PendingDelete), automatic domain registration software (eNom Domain Grabber) and on hold domain name software (Zone File Comparer).

Our focus for 2003 is to expand and populate the domain name industry. To do so we are offering our proprietary software to the public at competitively low pricing. We are the only company to offer the public such products, and we will continue to break the barriers and offer domain speculators with exclusive opportunities.

As of July 2003, we have a line of exciting and new domain name software titles. Our products include:

  • Moniker Domain Grabber

  • Domain Grabber

  • WHOIS Analyzer

  • Zone File Comparer

  • PendingDelete Domain Name Database
  • RedemptionPeriod Domain Name Database
  • Expired Domain Name Database
  • Dodora Reseller API System (Soon to be released)
  • eNom Reseller API System (Soon to be released)