High Speed Link Popularity Scanner

Each day approximately 20,000 domain names expire and become available for registration.

Many of these names receive daily traffic based on the fact they are still listed in many of the popular search engines such as Google, Hotbot, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, etc.

Our High Speed Bulk Link Popularity Checkerwill scan your list of domain names at incredible speeds. Results are returned and sent to a simple .csv (excel) file for further analysis. Results can then be sorted and saved on your PC.

Our program is not subscription based like some of our competitors, you simply pay once and the program is yours for life! During our testing of the application our speed rate averages approximately eleven domains per second! Individual speeds may vary depending on your connection speed and search engine traffic.


  • Upload Your Own Text Lists.

  • Select minimum popularity results.

  • Results are save to .csv (Excel) file for further analysis.

  • Search the internets top search engines!

  • No reocurring fees, pay once and the program is yours for life!

  • One year of free updates included with your purchase.

  • A few screen shots of our application:

    Price: $79.95 Includes Software and 1 Year of Product Updates.

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